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Be a Secret Santa for a foster dog
Have you been watching the web site and saw a little one that touched your heart but can't adopt ?   How about being a Secret Santa for that little one.
  They might wish for a new sweater or a special treat and you can help provide them with that wish. Sign up to be a Secret Santa and put a little twinkle in their eye
this Christmas.

The foster dogs are doing their Dear Santa letters. If you would like to be a Secret Santa for one of our foster dogs,pick out which dog you are going to be Secret Santa to and email your choice to Mrs Santa at Wolfspirit729@aol.com

Please click on their name before their Santa letter to see pictures and read their stories. Items that are always needed - pads for bellybands (men's depends guards or generic brand), treats,  gift certificates for food, etc.  If you would like to send an assortment of the above items just email me at Wolfspirit729@aol.com                                           
Valerie  has a Secret Santa Thank you !
Dear Santa, My name is Valerie and really what I want for Christmas is a home, but for now my foster home is fine. I have 2 great buddies to play with here, if they are too tired to play I always have toys to play with. Santa, did I tell you how much I love toys? So if I don't have my own home for Christmas I want a toy of my own, just for me Thank you Santa
Bonita Has a Secret Santa  Thank you!
Dear Santa Claus, My name is Bonita or Bonnie for short, Valerie and I were talking about Christmas and she was telling me about the letter she wrote to Santa asking for a Christmas gift just for her. I also would like a gift too, just for me. I want a toy too, love toys. So if you could also bring me something special I would really like it. Thank you Santa Claus.
Bratina Has a Secret Santa Thank you
Santa, Bratina here, I want a toy too. Please, please, please. I was the one that started this toy playing thing. I am also the one who became friends with my pal Val then Bonita. So please, please, please can I have a toy? HoHoHo Santa
Chico Has a Secret Santa Thank you !
Hey Santa, This is Chico, I am really sick of these girls, too many girls, I try to play with them and they ignore me. I feel like Rudolph I would love a blanket or crate pad to sleep on at night, sometimes I cry myself to sleep wanting a Mom of my own. I can use the blanket to wipe my tears. Thank you solo much Santa for thinking of us on Christmas.
Sassy Has a Secret Santa Thank you !
Dear Santa, My name is Sassy or Sassy Pants like my foster Mommy calls me. I have been thinking and thinking of what I want for Christmas. I am always cold so maybe a extra small sweatshirt, not a sweater, the catch on things and snag. A girly girl sweatshirt. That would make me so happy. TY Santa
Poncho Both have a Secret Santa Thank you !
My name is Ponchos and am a sanctuary dog, see I don't like new people and will bite you if I don't know you. I am a good boy at my foster home and love all my brothers and sisters. I have been here a longtime, I think about 5-6 yrs. I would live and I mean love a crate pad to sleep on at night, something really soft and cuddly. My friend Bandit is also a sanctuary dog, he was telling me what he wanted for Christmas, see he is too shy to ask himself. Bandit also has a real problem with people too, poor Bandit came from an abusive home. Anyway he would like some raw hides, he would love them to chew on in his crate when he goes to bed. Thanks so much Santa!
Dear Santa
This is Maxine everyone calls me Max. I would mostly like a home of my own but understand that takes time for people to find me. When you fly all around though will look though? I'd sure like a nice soft blanket and some squeaky toys?
Thank you Santa
Dear Santa
This is Annie. I've been in my current foster home for years. I like them but I still dream of a home of my own that I don't have to share with other dogs. I like them and play with a couple at my foster home but I want someone to love just me. I'm not much for playing with toys but I do like climbing up on the couch with a nice soft blanket. Think you might have one in your bag for me?
Thank you Santa
Dear Santa
This is Ozzy. My foster family says I'll probably be here a little longer since I'm pretty shy of new people and no one wants a dog that's scared. I like playing with some of the other dogs here at my foster home and we do share some toys but they are starting to look a little worn out. We like playing tug so maybe you have some extra rope toys? Or some of those toys that make animal noises - those are fun.
Thank you Santa
Dear Santa
This is Stewie. I don't play so don't need any toys. I could use a little shirt since my hair hasn't grown all the way back yet. See, I lived in this nasty place and with a lot of other chihuahuas and we all had fleas. I lost most of my hair. Mom has some girly things and so far I have refused to get near them but it's going to start getting cold and I think maybe I need a shirt.
Thank you Santa
Sophia Has a Secret Santa   Thank you !
Dear Santa
My name is Sophia. I am another sanctuary dog - meaning live here with my foster family. I have some problems with getting along with other dogs even though I only have 1 tooth in my mouth. I don't like sharing and don't like new people. I will hide under things until they go away. I'm not really mean I just want to be alone since I lived in a tiny cage with 3 other dogs before. There is a bed at my foster home that I love and the other dogs try to lay in there with me. Do you think you can find a bed just for me? Something girly so it's all mine? I promise I will try to be good if you bring me one.
Thank you Santa
Dear Santa
Sweetie here. My full name is Sweet Tart but I like Sweetie better. I would love a home of my own to spoil me rotten. But until that happens do you think you could bring me a super soft blanket or bed? Or maybe a little pink dress probably a size small and a pink collar and leash . Thank you Santa
 Sherman I got adopted !! 
Dear Santapaws,
I've been a very good boy this year.  I'm now living free of a cage and in a nice cozy home.
I'd really like to have a fuzzy cloth covered ball to play with.  I recently learned how to play with a ball, and I'd like to have one of my own.  A small one please, as I'm not very big.   I could also use a box of Always pantiliners for my belly band.  The ones in long size without the wings.  I'm pretty good about going outside, but I have to wear a belly band in the house, you know, just in case.  
If you think I've been a really good boy, I could use a gift card from Pet Supplies Plus so that my foster Mom can buy me more of that yummy dry dog food called Evo.  It's grain free and I'm doing pretty good at adjusting to it.
My greatest gift this year SantaPaws, had been my freedom and the love of my foster families.
Dear Santa
Emma's my name and I have been a good girl. I like soft fluffy things to lay on. Not much into playing with toys. I'm trying to grow my hair out so maybe some nice fruity smellin shampoo and conditioner? Or a pretty pink collar. Oh I like Zukes treats too if you have any of those. Thank you
Dear Santa,
I just wanted to let you know that first of all, I have been SUCH a good girl this year!  My foster family says that I make them smile and laugh a lot because I run around like a goofy girl and grin at them because they make me happy.  Even though I love going outside (especially since I have nice coats and jammies), I sometimes have accidents inside the house.  So, could you get me some really nice pee pads, like the Nature's Miracle kind?  Those are the best.  I also would like some small toys to play with and carry around that my big dog brother and sisters won't ruin, because now I steal the cat toys and Foster Mom says it's not fair to do that.  And I LOVE to eat! So can you get me a big bag of quality grain free food?  Foster Mom feeds it to me at breakfast and dinner and also in my Kong when I go in my crate.  I just LOVE LOVE LOVE to eat!  Thank you, Santa!
Love, Chell
Hi Santa,
This is Tasha. I have been a really good girl. I was so over weight when I was rescued, I couldn't even move my back legs. Now that I am up on my feet and finally have my girlish figure, I would like a pretty dress. I wear a size XSmall. If you have room, maybe a nice soft blanket
Poppit   Have 1 Secret Santa Thank you ! 
Need a couple more since there are 25 of them.
Dear Santa
This is Poppit and I am writing a letter from several of us that were living in a nasty place called Pedigree Pets until some nice people came to get us. We are all living in various foster homes with WolfSpirits. Some of us are puppies and some adults. We will probably be with our foster homes for a while yet and were wondering if we could ask you for a few things since we never got presents before. The older dogs never got to really play with toys so just love those. They, like us younger ones, like the squeaky ones. We also like these things called blankets and beds. We all need collars, harnesses and leashes so we can go for walks. We need smalls and mediums. Oh and these things they called treats. Zukes makes these little tiny bite size pieces. Those are yummy and soft.
Thank you Santa





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