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Welcome to the July/August 2011 WolfSpirit's e-newsletter. We are very pleased to be able to keep our volunteers and friends updated as to our progress. If you have any suggestions or questions, please let us know. FEEL FREE TO PASS THIS NEWSLETTER TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY!
We would like to welcome the new volunteers and foster parents that joined this month! We certainly appreciate everything that you are willing to do. We need foster homes in the Akron/Canton area that can isolate dogs coming in directly from the mills. We would like to invite anyone who has adopted a furkid from WolfSpirit's to join the public Yahoo group : http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/WolfSpiritsRescueAndAdoption/join Here you can chat with others and share photos of adopted pets. Also, feel free to send an update and a picture of your adopted pet and they'll be included in a newsletter.
We are always in need of donations whether it be cash or supplies. If you would like to help out, just email milldogrescue@yahoo.com. Okay, so you want to donate to the rescue and money is tight.....it's easy....Use www.GoodSearch.com to search the Internet and they will donate funds to us each time you search. Just type in WolfSpirit's Toy Breed and go search the web. We would gladly accept gift cards from Pet Supplies Plus and PetSmart.  
Capital One Credit Card....Show your support with every purchase you make!
Enter the World's Best Pet Parent Contest and help your rescue earn some extra much needed cash! You can find both links on our web page at: http://www.wolfspiritsrescue.com/
Hi everyone !
Well, school should be back in session for some and hopefully everyone is having their lives settle down a bit. Hope this summer was fun for all.
First I want to ask everyone to keep those on the East Coast in their thoughts and prayers after Irene. Some still have flooding and no power as we all know. My sis and her family are in CT without power.
Another request is for my mom who is in the hospital. Still doing tests to determine what's going on.
Kendall came back last month. She was adopted in 2008 and at times has a problem with a little leaking of tingle. She had stones removed from her bladder in the past so on a special diet to help any more stones from forming. She will be going up on the web site as soon as I have some extra time.
Dolly will go in again for another heartworm test and we are crossing our fingers that it's negative this time. If so she will be ready for a home of her own. What a sweet yet demanding girl she is. She will need a home that has someone home most of the day. We'll add her to the adoption page just as soon as we get her test done again. Thank you to those that donated towards her heartworm treatment. We still have a few hundred $'s to go to cover the whole cost.
Great news to end with. Buddy found a home of his own. I miss that little guy but know he's in great hands and has a family that loves him. And as soon as some things settle here I will get a picture and update for everyone.
http://www.waynequestdogrescuewalk.com/ This link will take you to an event we are planning to attend in Wooster Ohio on September 17th. We still need some helpers and dog walkers please. For each dog registered to walk the cost is $10 but you if get sponsors of $50 and it's free. You also designate who you want the proceeds to go to. Mom was going to help me out here but I have a feeling she won't be up to it so if anyone wants go with me I would be forever grateful and repay you with kisses from one of the foster dogs.
The rain is coming in so off to the shower and hospital
Everyone have a great month.
Robin K Aufderheide

Well this little one isn't shy anymore. We also feel this crazy boy is probably around 1-2 years and not 5 like we were told. Teeth are almost white VERY unlike a typical mill survivor of 5 yrs. And the activity --- oh my. Sully will need a home without small children because of his playfulness. We are sure he would knock a little one down. All he wants to do is play - play - play.

Sully will dance on his hinds legs and bat at someone with his front legs to get their attention. He does not know how to go up or down steps very well so needs some help learning to do that. His potty training is doing very well. He does not like walking on a leash so would prefer a fenced yard in his new home so that he can run and play like he so deserves after being stuck in a cage for the first part of his life.

Read more about Sully at: http://www.wolfspiritsrescue.com/animals/detail?AnimalID=3039131

WolfSpirit's Toy Breed Puppymill Rescue is in desperate need of foster homes. We are looking for both short term and long term homes. Some may be as short as a week- others could be several weeks. All dogs are completely vetted before going to their foster homes. We ask that each foster home provide a good quality dog food, lots of love and a little help with house training.
Some of our fosters need fenced yards while others may do well on a leash and harness.
Although most of our rescued dogs come from puppymills, we do rescue some from kill shelters and pounds. If you can open your heart and home to a little one in need of a temporary place to stay please take a look at our web site and fill out our foster application.
Did you know that we have a public Yahoo group where you can share your adoption stories and just plain keep up to date on what's going on during the month? If you would like to join this group, just go to our web site and click on the icon that says "Yahoo Groups...Join Now.
So how do I make Blackie stop barking up a storm?

You don’t. Barking is a dog’s natural reaction to changes in his environment; he should be allowed to indulge himself as long as he’s reasonable.

However, if your dog annoys you or the neighbors with his noise-making, there are some steps you can take to minimize the nuisance. The solution could be as simple as a change of scene for the dog or as complex as the development and implementation of a behavior modification program.

Some dogs bark at everything they see and hear, a characteristic that flops like a lead balloon in an apartment or attached condominium development. Some dogs will stop barking if they cannot hear or see the interlopers. So, if Sassy is an in-the-house noisemaker, put her in the kitchen or laundry room with a crate or bed, away from windows, common walls, and hallways, and turn on a radio before leaving the house. Classical music stations may work best; they have fewer disruptions by commercials with doorbells and other noises that could trigger barking. Confine Sassy in the room with baby gates in the doorways, not by closing doors, so she doesn’t panic.

If Ranger barks while you’re gone because he is outside and wants inside or if he’s an outside dog and a habitual barker, change of scene could work as well. You could bring him inside the house or build a run in the basement to keep him in an area without so many distractions to bark at. The radio will help mask the sounds and confinement to a small area may help him settle down.

If your outdoor dog has been banished from the house because he is destructive, you may find that he has outgrown his destructive stage. If not, or if you are afraid to find out, a crate or a basement kennel may be the answer.





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