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3/15/2022 11:23 AM


Permanent Fosters

Donations can be sent to:
1949 Pickle Rd., Akron, OH 44312
If you would like to help with their monthly needs their foster families are in need of the following:

Kit Kat was a feral we trapped on the property to spay her.   She hung around after she was released and the other cats seemed to pick on her.  One night she ended up getting closed in on the front porch.  We somehow got her in a cage and brought her inside.  She has been inside now enjoying the air conditioning and beds for a few months now. 
Kit Kat is a little shy and needs some space until she learns to trust you.  She's not really a lap cat but does enjoy her head scratched once she gets to know you.   KitKat does not like being touched too much.  She is more of an observer than anything.   She will come to you when she is ready and on her terms.  

KitKat will stay in her foster home as a permanent foster since she is just too scared to adjust to changes


Muffin will be staying with us.  She will urinate on furniture at times.  No UTI so we are not sure why. She gets frightened easily and will only venture into two rooms.  Her foster family just covers their furniture with plastic at night.  Most people won't tolerate nor understand this so she will be a permanent foster and we will pay for all her needs.


 Roscoe is one of the newer owner surrenders that we took in recently. He was just at the vets and will be a permanent foster after getting the results of his exam.

He has a slightly enlarged heart. A heart murmur grade 4 out of 6.

Roscoe has severe arthritis with part of his spine fused. We will be starting him on CBD for the pain and looking into other options. We have no background info other than his owner passed. He has no teeth but that's sort of typical with Cresteds. Vet estimated his age over 10yrs.

Not available for adoption.  He will be a permanent foster.

If you would like to sponsor him for his care and vet care 


you can send a donation to
1949 Pickle Rd., Akron, OH 44312




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