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4/4/2020 10:13 AM


Permanent Fosters

Zippy is a Hairy Hairless Chinese Crested. He is a sweet boy who gets along great with everyone.  Zippy was a breeder dog and debarked along with several others so the neighbors didn't complain about all the noise.    He is a very needy little guy and wants to be with his person constantly.

Zippy had another dental and had 14 teeth removed this time.  Poor little guy has 3 teeth left.

 He does gag often which is part of being debarked. Zippy eats a raw diet which is the best for him.  His treats need to be moistened. He gets little bits of treats throughout the day since he burps often.  He did this once and threw up then for a few days he had a cough that we were concerned about since it sounded like his lungs were full.   This is common in dogs that have been devocalized and they can develope pnemonia.   Zippy will not be able to be on a diet of regular kibble. He will need to continue on raw ( which is species appropriate ). 

Zippy will be staying with us so that we can keep our eye on him and get him any care that he needs.








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