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Frequently Asked Questions
Why are we so "picky" about who adopts our dogs and cats ?

We treat each of our rescued dogs and cats as though they were a part of our family.  We put  a large amount of love, time and expenses into each animal we have in our care.    

 We screen each application and try to make the best possible match for each dog/cat.  Sometimes good applications are passed over because the particular dog/cat they are interested in does not match their lifestyle.  This is unfortunate but our number one priority is our rescued animals. We may at times suggest one of our others that will fit in with your family better. 

What is the cost to adopt ?

The adoption fees are based on several factors:  Age, cost for their freedom (shelter fees),veterinary expenses, and if they have a sponsor. 
All adoption fees can change depending on the extent of care.


Why are the adoption fees so high?

We do not make any profits from our adoptions.  Each rescue we take in is checked by a veterinarian, brought up to date on vaccinations according to age and wormed.  We have dogs heart worm tested and started on prevention.  Cats are  FeLV/IFV tested

 Spays/ neuters and dentals are done per our veterinarians recommendations.  This is why some puppies are adopted on a spay/neuter contract.

We have many that require additional medical needs as well.  Adoption fees at times do not even cover the basic veterinary care.

At times we will lower the adoption fees on particular animals we have for adoption when we have someone that will sponsor that dog/cat.  This money goes directly for the care and vetting of that dog/cat.  This also enables us to adopt that dog/cat at a reduced fee. 

Expenses for our rescues included but not limited to:

Shelter fees, spays, neuters, dentals, boosters, rabies, heartworm test and prevention, FeLV/FIV testing, wormings, blood work, hernia repairs, microchips, medications, etc
Dog/cat food - both dry and canned, treats, toys, blankets, wee wee pads, paper towels, laundry soap,  collars, leashes, harnesses, etc.

Before you question about adoption fees, call and ask your vet what the prices are to have a dog/cat altered, checked for heartworm disease, booster, rabies, dental cleaning plus extraction, wormings, etc.   We are sure that you will find our adoption fees are not as high as you thought.


Why are we always asking for donations and holding fundraisers?

Even though we are a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization, we do not receive many donations as people think.  We do not have any outside companies that do fundraising for us like many do.   We rely on our past adopters and volunteers to help us with our expenses as well as our fundraisers.

Many times we have fosters that require extensive medical needs and treatments.  Hernias, heartworm disease, periodontal disease, emergencies, etc. are not covered by our adoption fees. 

 Some fosters require daily medications and special foods. You may wish to sponsor one of them to help with their care. 



How can I contribute?

You can help by volunteering at an event, transporting, fundraising or fostering.

We are always in need of printing supplies or printers who can donate their services or offer at a discount for our brochures, business cards, etc.   

We desperately need the services of a groomer in certain areas. 

Artisans to offer their services making crafts for our fundraisers. 

Are you a go getter?  Good at planning events at a physical location or online?     We need you !!

There are many ways you can help, whether it's from in your home or attending an event.  "YOU" can make a difference in the lives of a puppymill survivor

Sign up today and make a difference !

Don't have the time to help? You can send in a tax deductible donation or sponsor one of our survivors by clicking on our sponsor page. 

Have questions?   Please click on the "Contact Us" link for contact information.







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