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The most important thing you can do to help is:

  • Spay and neuter your own animals  

    • Encourage others to spay and neuter

  • NEVER buy a puppy from a Pet Store  

    • Adopt from a shelter or animal rescue


If you are interested in helping in any way, please email milldogrescue@yahoo.com


Foster Homes: 
Provide temporary housing, love, food for an animal in your home.  We provide the healthcare and even the food if you need it and you provide them a loving temporary home.  Foster forms are under Forms/Applications and you can tell us the species, size, gender, temperment you can provide house for.

Fundraising Team Member:
The success of our organization has been due in part to the fact that we have a fundraising team rather than one person.  Our team members agree to hold one fundraiser a year on their own, but also assist others when they have a fundraiser whether it is by spreading the word to friends and family, helping with planning, etc. Your fundraiser can be elaborate, simple, anything at all.  Whether you raise $10 or $100,000 it is a vital part of rescue and never minimize your contribution.  We would love for you to join our fundraiser team!  We have people sell candles, magazine, hold large-scale events, small house parties, garage sales, everything is relevant and everything helps so much!


Volunteer Coordinator:
Recruit volunteers using Petfinder, Facebook, Adopt a Pet, Flyers at locations, internet,  etc.  Must be a friendly people person and enjoy meeting new people and answering questions.  You will maintain a list of volunteers and volunteer emails and update it and send it out monthly. 

This position works closely with the co-founders and event coordinator, especially the week of events.  This person should try to attend all events that are local to them, but if that is not possible they need to make sure volunteers are set up to be on hand at the event.

Volunteer Team Member:
You will receive emails from coordinators when we need help.  Please indicate if you are interested in helping with: events, transports, creative projects, photo taking, etc.  Be descriptive on your form.  Please respond with a yes or no when you receive an email or phone call asking if you can help.  Work with team leaders to help the animals in any way you are able.

Event Coordinator

Work with co-founders to set up monthly events, contact venue to ensure event is scheduled, send out e-mails to volunteers to get help for the events, send out reminder emails week of event and up until the event, help set up for events, send out post-event updates to volunteers.   


Transport Coordinator: 
This person does NOT have to drive every time they just have to make sure they have someone from our list of volunteers to do the transport.  This is a great position for a person who is well organized.  We have many volunteers who sign up to transport, but they all have different schedules.

   This person must make sure they have someone set up to drive, someone to meet the driver, and update the drivers on the passengers.  Making sure the transport runs smoothly for the passengers is important. The ability to transport yourself on occasion is very helpful.  This volunteer position is about 5 hours a week, but organization skills is extremely important!




You can also help by buying an item from online stores:


Do you shop online?     Click here to shop iGive visit many stores which donate a percentage to help us




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