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                         In memory of Midget


Midget was from a "private breeder" that has decided not to breed anymore.  On Saturday 7/23/2005, we  picked up three Chihuahua's that were her breeders.  Then she asks us if we can take a 3yr old Chihuahua that was an offspring of one of the mom's.

 "She has a little problem", she says. "She was the only one that survived in the litter and my granddaughter dropped her on her head.  She can't walk but she loves Aldi's bologna.  All of my dogs eat that". 

She brings out this little tiny 2.2 chi that is just covered with fleas and twitching anytime someone touched her.

 "Her back leg is deformed but the vet gave me some prednisone to give her and if she takes that she can walk". 

 But when asked how often and what dosage she had no idea.  There was no way I was going to say no and leave this little girl there for one second longer.  Her fleas were picked off her and she was bathed. Midget could not stand up on her own. She scooted her little tiny body around when she could. She had burn spots on her legs where she laid in her own urine.  Her teeth looked so bad and painful.
Since it was the weekend, we had to wait to make an appointment with the vet. Midget would drink water if she was held up to the dish. She would eat tiny bits of canned food from my fingers the first day.  After that she wanted no part of any type of food. 

On the day of her appointment she started to crash.  Her little frail body was even weaker. She was dehydrated and hypoglycemic.  X rays were taken and we found that her tiny leg had been broken at some time in her life and never treated.  It curls up behind her.  Her lungs were clear and her heart rate was normal. Her teeth are horrendous and she has the start of cataracts. The vet said this little girl appears to be around 10 to 13 yrs old.  She may very well be only around 3 yrs old but from the care she has received in the past and possibly congenital defects appears to be older.  How has this little girl survived as long as she has? 

  Blood was drawn from her tiny veins and sent out to the lab.  Midget was hydrated by IV and given glucose to get her sugar level up.
The blood tests revealed that her potassium level is elevated, her sodium level is down and her white blood count is 27,000.  She has an overwhelming infection in her mouth that he believes is causing this.  She doesn't want to eat because her mouth is sore so that causes her sugar levels to go down thus causing the hypoglycemia.
We have her on antibiotics and syringing food into her to keep her strength up.  She has to become stronger before he can pull her teeth. 


Midget lost her fight today.  Her little body could just not go on any longer. We  all miss her terribly. 
  We tried contacting the previous owner as well as her vet to release her vet records.  Both refused.  Why ?  What is it that would make them so uncaring and heartless to let us help Midget?  Maybe the owner knew she was dying and that's why she gave her to us. We will never know what really happened to this precious little girl but for some reason Midget came to us.  In the short time she had with us she knew we loved her.  She felt our warm touch as we held her gently not to hurt her little body.   Her foster mom and dad took turns feeding and holding her so that she was never alone.  She is at peace now, never having to fight again. Never feeling the pain that she endured while she was here on this earth.  She's watching over all of us and telling each and everyone one to go on.  There's another out there that needs us as much as she did.  And I'm sure she is telling those waiting to hold on -- that we are coming.
God Speed little Midget. 







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