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Be a Secret Santa for a foster dog or cat.
Have you been watching the web site and saw a little one that touched your heart but can't adopt ?   How about being a Secret Santa for that little one.
  They might wish for a new sweater or a special treat and you can help provide them with that wish. Sign up to be a Secret Santa and put a little twinkle in their eye
this Christmas.


The foster dogs and cat are doing their Dear Santa letters. If you would like to be a Secret Santa for one of our fosters, pick out which one you are going to be Secret Santa to and email your choice to Mrs Santa at Robin@WolfSpiritsRescue.com


Marley  Hi Santa.   I am Marley, the one and only foster cat here.  I am a cuddler when I get to know you but otherwise watch out, I will smack you.   I'm an older gal who likes to eat and sleep.  I eat mostly canned food - grain free - so maybe some under the tree for me?  I don't play with toys.  I sleep where I want but like the dog beds sometimes.  I like treats too.  I like people food.  I like to eat  lol.  My human foster mom shops at Tractor Supply so maybe you could send me a gift card and I can get her to take me shopping. I'll be watching for you Santa.


  Nelson    Dear Santa.   My biggest wish would be a home of my own just like all the others here.  I have been a good boy and try so hard to please everyone.  But see I still get frightened at times and have accidents so no one wants me. I like sharing things with the other dogs so maybe something of my own so that it goes with me when my family comes to adopt me.   I would like my very own bed to snuggle in.  Thank you Santa!


Claire  Hi Santa ! Claire here.   I'm an older grumpy lady when it comes to other dogs but I am told a sweetheart when it comes to humans.  I love meeting new humans.   I really want my own bed.  I don't like sharing when I am sleeping so would like that so these other dogs leave me alone to get my beauty rest.   Thank you Santa.  I'll leave some cookies out for you and if you wake me I'll have some kisses for you.


Bella  Dear Santa   I'm an older lady who doesn't really need much.  I would like some treats.   I tend to get yeast infections so need grain free soft chewy ones please.  A warm bed and blanket will be just fine. I do like clothes too.  A warm sweater?  I think a medium. These humans measured my back and said from my neck to tail I am 13 inches long.   I like bright pretty colors.  Thank you


Bonnie  Hi Santa !   I'm Bonnie.  I am a little Shih Tzu with special needs they say.  I take 3 different heart medicines to help me stay healthy.  My human foster mom puts them in Organix canned food which I love.  Maybe you could leave some under the tree for me.  I also like soft squishy beds that I won't have to share with Clyde or anyone else.    I hardly have any teeth so maybe some soft treats?  I love Cloud Star buddies.  They are shaped like little humans I can chomp on  hehe Thank you Santa


Brittney  Dear Santa,   My name's Brittney and I am a sweet little shy girl who  has had a rough time before coming here.   I am a fraile little girl who needs to gain some weight so can I have some Cloud Star Buddy's?  They are very yummy.   I get cold a lot so love to bury myself under the blankets.   These other dogs step on me when I'm under the blanket so if I had my very own bed that would be awesome.   Thank you Santa


Charlotte  Hi Santa.  See that Elf?  That's me.  I am a character they say.   I like things my way or I am a tad vocal until I get my way.   I love digging down inside of blankets to keep warm.  No dog beds for me I prefer the couch with my human.   How about some treats.  Yes, I have teeth not like these older dogs on here.  I can eat crunchy things.   I do love to walk so could I get a fancy collar with matching harness and leash?  Mom says they have them.  I like pink, purple, and red.  Oh and I like toys too.  Soft ones to carry around and play fetch with.    Thank you Santa.


Clyde    Hi ya Santa ~   Clyde here.  Aren't I just the cutest you have seen?  I love people and food.   I'm a little on the thin side but gaining some weight  I had really bad teeth and they took  many out but my jaw broke too.  Now I eat soft foods.  Canned Organix and soft treats.  I'm not too picky really.   I love cuddling and being carried around.  Mom said I need a bell on my collar because I like to sneak into the cat food but other than that I have been really good.   See you soon Santa !


Gruff   Dear Santa, I'm Gruff another one they call a special needs.  I say special because my heart beats different because it has more love to give.   I am a good boy who likes everyone I meet.  I like walking so a new collar, harness and leash would be nice.  I don't jump on furniture so a nice soft bed would be cool.   Thank you Santa


Jax   Hi  Santa!  It's me Jax.  Last year I was in TX but my people didn't give you a list from me.  A lot has happened and I am learning to be a happy guy now.  I love, love, love toys.  Squeaky ones that I can tear apart HA.  I like rope toys, balls, squeaky things. Oh did I write that already.   I like treats too.  Mom gets these crunchy things that are grain free, made right here in the USA  and I love them.   If you could bring me toys and treats I would be in heaven.   Thanks Santa


Rain   Dear Santa.   I would really like a family of my own with some kids that like to play.  I am sort of a high energy dog they say.   I like to run, run, run.  I like some toys but get bored of them fast if no one plays with me.   I love food.  Any kind of food. Dog, cat, human.  I don't care.   I like to cuddle with my people at times too so maybe my own blanket to snuggle up in with my new family?   I know I'm dreaming but one day it will happen.    See you soon Santa





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