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Investigators shut down what they called a puppy mill Saturday, and rescued 241 dogs from the site.

Sheriff’s deputies served a search warrant at 8 a.m. at a residence owned by Dave and Rhonda Auton at 8350 Tawawa Maplewood Road. Sheriff John R. Lenhart said the Autons operate a business at that location called “Pedigree Pets.”

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November 18th 2012  we were once again involved in helping with another puppy mill bust.  The Ohio SPCA
along with the Sheriff Dept in Shelby County Ohio removed 241 dogs from Pedigree Pets.  We took in 27 of these dogs.

 We would like to thank The Ohio SPCA and the Shelby Cty Sheriff's Dept especially Deputy Cami Frey and all the volunteers that worked long hours and days on this case.

The Maplewood, Ohio puppy mill dogs have been SURRENDERED! Rescues can now place the dogs in their forever homes when they are well enough and after they are spayed and neutered. One month ago, the dogs and puppies were seized. A HUGE THANK YOU to Sheriff Deputy Cami Frey and the Shelby County Prosecutor, Jeff Amick for getting these dogs released! NO charges have been dropped. More details later.
Maplewood, Ohio: Dave and Rhonda Auton, owners of Pedigree Pets in Maplewood, Ohio and their son, Adam Auton, have each been charged with 241 counts of cruelty to animals. The alleged puppy mill was raided by the Shelby County Sheriff's Dept. and the Ohio SPCA Response Team on Saturday, November 17, 2012 after Deputy Cami Frey completed her investigation. Dogs and puppies were found living in horrid conditions and many are seriously ill, emaciated, and have infections and wounds.


 On August 12th we were alerted about a breeder/hoarder situtation. The husband had passed away and the family was trying to find someone to help with Chihuahuas and Shar Peis.  We welcome 15 little Chihuahuas into our loving foster families.
Richland County Chi's
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