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5/17/2021 10:27 AM


Sunday, August 12th, I was contacted about the Shelby breeder and was trying to find people that could help. In the meantime the son was also contacting Organizations to come in to help find places for close to 300 dogs. 
 Wednesday morning the friend of the family called me to come over.  So, I called another rescuer, Star Mar Rescue and we headed over there.  I was told on the phone we could come get some dogs to take into our rescues. When we arrived we were told that the breeder surrendered them and that they would not be able to leave yet.  So we stayed to help where we could. We helped in the building with the Chihuahuas.
The smell and sights were just sickening.  Urine smells burned your eyes as well as your throat. Imagine what these little ones endured living in that day after day.  It's no wonder many have eye problems. Some cages had as many as 4 Chihuahuas.
The cages were so thick with newspaper, urine, and feces we had to use scrapers to clean them out. The maggots that many of these cages contained were disgusting.   But we kept on cleaning to make sure the little ones were as comfortable as we could make them until they were permitted to be released. They were so excited when their cages were cleaned and when new papers put in there that they just rolled and rolled on them. They bounced around playing with each other and were giving kisses to the people cleaning.  Some were scared but appeared happy to have a clean cage. They were filthy and crawling with fleas.  Some had most of their hair missing.  You look around and you see eyes that are starting to get cloudy.  Some dogs would not come near the front of their cages, while others were happy to be touched and talked to. 
The Shar Peis were in kennels with outside runs.  I'm not really familiar with that breed but they too were missing hair and seemed pretty thin.
There were several Chihuahuas that I had my eye on and I told them I'd be back to take them out of there and into a home to learn what love is.  That evening I applied to see if WolfSpirits could be a part of the HSUS placement partners.
Thursday I got a call asking us what time we would be able to come pick up some dogs on Friday. 10am was the earliest, so I took that time slot.  Sandra, her daughter Maya, and myself headed down in the morning and pulled the ones that were in cages I cleaned on Wednesday.  Several have skin problems from fleas as well as some with cataracts. One little guy is partially blind and his other eye apparently ruptured at some time.  He has a tiny slit and you can barely see the eye.  I can only imagine the pain he went through.  
We have a few that are missing many teeth and some with their bottom jaws decayed and receding.
We took 8 females and 7 males and then went off to deliver some of them to Peggy, another foster home, to help isolate and temporarily hold.  Once all of the dogs are vetted they will then go onto other foster homes for more loving, and those ready mentally will go off to permanent homes.
WolfSpirits would like to thank The Humane Society of Richland County, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and RedRover for their fast actions and hard work in the rescue and  placement of the Richland County Shelby Breeder Dogs . We would also like to thank all the shelters and rescues that pulled together in giving close to 300 dogs a new start. And PetsMart Charities and HSUS for funding some of the dogs' veterinary care.
We still had over $2000.00 in vet care that we were not expecting. We never asked for donations nor held any fundraisers since we were told our bills would be reimbursed.  Not the case at all.
This is where the rusty cages used to be - stacked two high, with about three dogs in each cage. In just a few days, the dogs' lives have changed forever. This empty room represents freedom for the dogs who used to face living all their days, weeks, months, and years here.

The Humane Society of Richland County did an impressive job leading this emergency response, diverting resources from their own shelter to ensure that operations at the emergency shelter ran smoothly. In a situation like this, especially given that we were sheltering on-site, it was essential that the animals are moved out as quickly as possible. Given that many of the dogs are ill or injured and will need rehabilitation before they can be adopted, the best option for the animals was to transfer them to groups who could handle their special needs and take the time needed to find each of them the right home.
 The Humane Society of the United States played a key role on the ground and remotely to coordinate lightning-fast placement of the dogs into approved rescue groups, and together with PetSmart Charities, they are helping to fund the dogs' ongoing veterinary care to mitigate the burden on the receiving organizations.

Please visit the websites below of the organizations who received these dogs. Please consider adopting any of the animals they have available, as they are all deserving of loving homes.

  • CHA Animal Shelter
  • Cincinnati SPCA
  • Cleveland Animal Protective League
  • Friendship Animal Protective League of Lorain County
  • Humane Society of Greater Dayton
  • The Humane Society of Richland County
  • Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation
  • Ohio Pet Placement Foundation, Inc
  • Public Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) of Ohio
  • Shar Pei Savers
  • Star-Mar Rescue
  • Toledo Area Humane Society
  • Washington Animal Rescue League
  • WolfSpirits Toy Breed Puppy Mill Rescue

    We will update as we learn more about them.  It will take at least a month for any to be ready.  Donations are welcome and needed to take care of these little ones.
    We especially need small size kibble, and canned food. Small collars, harnesses and leashes.
    These are a few of the news stories about all the Chihuahuas and Shar Peis
    Here from NBC4
    WMFD  (Sandra and Maya carrying carriers in this one )
    Just a little update on Miss Misty, I don't know if all of you know this about the 15 Chi's that came in but the first 3 done with vetting had lab work and all showed anemia and malnutrition. And of course Dudley was so anemic he could not have any vetting including any booster vaccines. We have all of the Chi's on high quality dog food and giving supplements to help with their weakened condition.
    Misty is the tiniest one in the group weighing in at a whopping 2.5lbs. Took her to the Vet and her weight a week later was 2.3lbs. She is not eating or drinking well and since coming out of the Shelby, Ohio Mill is very stressed, she won't walk across the floor, doesn't really move much. well Monday evening she started with diarrhea, not bad at first but progressively got worse, then stopped, in the mean time was encouraging fluids and giving her plain cooked chicken. Last night I was just about to go to bed and she passed some blood, just a little. This morning there was more and a clot, so to the Vets we go, took a stool specimen in and am waiting for results should be in tomorrow, was negative for Giardia, heart and lungs fine, thank goodness. She has lost more weight is 2.25lbs now, doesn't sound like much but is alot when your talking about a tiny one like her, is also dehydrated which I already knew. So sent her home on fluids, flagyl (an antibiotic for her bowels) prescription dogfood, and will see what stool specimen shows. Will be forcing Pedialyte with syringe every 2 hrs and feeding every 2 hours, if no better or gets worse in one or two days she will have to go back and be admitted. Dr. Martin says if her stool specimen is negative it probably all stress related. Also was told no booster, no vetting of any kind until she is 3lbs. So she has a long road ahead to get healthy.
    Please send out good thought and prayers for tiny Misty. She is the tiniest, most frail Chihuahua I have ever seen and I have fostered at least 400 toy breed dogs mostly Chihuahua's over the last 12 years.




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