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Tasha is a 5 yr old black Schnauzer who came from a breeder that was told to reduce her "breeding stock".   The night she came to us she could not stand on her back legs at all. She drug them behind her. She appeared to have been in pain for a long time. 
 She is grossly overweight - 10 pounds and should be around 7 pounds.   She reminds us of a little pot bellied pig.  
 Her hair is very thin, greasy and missing in some spots.   Her little ears were so filthy and infected. Her teeth are disgusting and infected. Theywill need to be taken care of when she is healthier.
The breeder claimed she gave a bath back  in September and she lost her hair.  She was concerned about her yet could never get her to the vet to have her checked out.   Imagine this little one in pain for all those months before she was surrendered to us in February 2012.
Seeing the condition Tasha was in she was off to the vets for tests to figure out what was going on with this sweet little baby.

Several blood tests, xrays, urine tests, skin scrapes and extensive consulations with our vet gave us hope for her.
 Tests and X-rays show that Tasha has several compressed discs in her back as well as severe dry eye, hypothyroidism and was severely dehydrated.  A few days boarding at the vets and she was back with us in her foster home. 
Tasha is on daily medication for her Thyroid, Metacam to reduce the inflammation in her back as well as relieve some of the pain. We chose Metacam over Prednisone since it is't a steroid and causes those on it to gain more weight - something Tasha does not need to do.  She has a medicated shampoo, daily drops for her dry eyes and medication for her badly infected ears.  Medications alone were over $100.
She has a long way to go in order to be a little happy, healthy girl.  We do not know if or how well she will be able to walk with her compressed discs. But if needed we will provide her with a cart. Right now we are hoping that the Metacam will help reduce the inflammation so that she will be more comfortable to move around and lose some weight. The added weight is very stressful on her spine.
She is so timid right now that she won't even look at anyone most of the time.  She shivers in fright when spoken to.  What happened to this little girl ?  Why is she so terrified of people?
Her bill so far is $540.51 just for medications and testing.  Once Tasha is a little healthier, has lost some weight and is able to undergo anesthesia she will need to be spayed, dental cleaning, and brought up to date on her vaccinations - an estimated additional $250.
She will continue on her daily medications for her thyroid and dry eye. We were told that will take months for her little body to adjust to her thyroid medication until we see a difference.  Right now we are concentrating on showing her lots of love so that she learns to trust people.  Tasha needs lots of on going care and will be back and forth for more vet visits and tests to keep track of her progress.
We need your help with her bills.  We just were not expecting a little one with so many medical problems but will never give up on her.  We are setting up a fund just for Tasha to help with her current bill as well as on going medical bills.

If you would like to help by sponsoring/donating to Tasha's fund you can send a tax deductible donation through paypal to  milldogrescue@yahoo.com
Please indicate that it is for Tasha
Or you can send a check directly to:
WolfSpirit's Toy Breed PuppyMill Rescue
2506 9th St SW
Canton, OH 44710

March 3, 2012
Tasha is doing so much better.  She is walking around some.  Most of the time she's doing her favorite thing  --- sleeping and snoring.  But we don't mind.  We are all happy that she is able to walk around. She'll wiggle her whole body when she gets excited but not ready to come freely to anyone.





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