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 Bath at boarding kennel before she came home



After 1 bath. Her feet and face still stained



This little baby is one of our newest rescues.  Another rescue got a call about some dogs that needed to go to rescue.  The breeder was in trouble and needed to reduce the number of dogs she had.   Wednesday she called the other rescue and said she has a little one that was having seizures and wanted to know if she could bring it.  Acted like it had just happened and she was taking it to the vets on Thursday. Said it apparently crawled out of the x pen and fell.  She found it crying under her refrigerator.  (Must be a high one )  Anyway, said she was taking it to the vet on Thursday and would let her know what was going on.   She's a 10 week old Schnauzer. The  other rescue could not take her because they have no special needs foster homes. Naturally we said yes, we would take her in to see if we can help her.
Sunday she came into town I was there to help them unload and sort the dogs.
I started asking questions....
3 weeks ago this baby fell out of a crate that was stacked two high.  ( not crawled out of an xpen like she claimed before )  She didn't know it and found her later under the frig crying.  Then she says that it had trouble drinking and fell into the water dish and got pneumonia.  She had a shot of antibiotic and sent one along with her.  I was to give it to her under her chin so that it goes into the blood and then to her brain. ( I don't think so- It was penicillin ). Also sent some phenobarbital along but said when she gives it to her she seems to have a seizure.  Doesn't have her name on it either and that was dated the 14th (not the 23rd which is the day she said she was taking her to the vet).
   I ask,,, "what type of seizure?  Like a grand mal?"  "Oh no  just cries." She said, "on the way to Ohio she had one that lasted 3 hours and she was foaming at the mouth". 
 Well if I was crammed into a cage that small I would be crying too.  She had no room to move and just covered with poo and pee. We had to put her in the tub at the boarding kennel to wash her little bum because the poop was caked on there she could not go.  The amount of poop caked on her little body was not just from the trip - this amount was from weeks of neglect. 
She was trying to drink the water in the tub so one of the girls got a little dish to give her water in.  She drinks really weird,  like she can't lap it up right. Was very unsteady on her feet and kept tumbling over.  At that point I lost it.  I don't do that often with what I have seen in the mills and at the auctions but I had a melt down.  Thankfully the breeder was outside and didn't see.  I swear she would have had an earful.
So get her home and give her a little bit of canned Taste of the Wild and she gobbled that then cried until I gave her a little more. After about an hour she was more steady on her feet.   She is running all over the kitchen and trying to get under things and running into things. She can't see.  Also noticed that when I am touching her head she is pushing on my hand.  Ok, so is her head feeling strange or is it because she was itchy since she was so filthy?  I guess we'll find out later. 
She cries for hours and no amount of holding, cuddling is helping.  Is  something is really wrong with this little baby or is she missing her littermates?
This reminds me so much of how Journey acted before he had liver shunt surgery.
Called the vet on Monday and they have no openings until later in the week.  hmm now what?   So did what I could to try to make her feel safe and comfortable.
Tuesday I call the vets office to see if they had a cancellation. Yes !  So, off we go....

Well, not good.   I had a feeling this is what it was.    He suspects liver shunt.  She had been screaming since 9 am.  Will settle down for about 5 minutes when you hold her but then screaming in your ear. Our appointment was at 10:30.
He palpitated her belly and said the kidneys appear to be enlarged.    She still has some fluid in her lungs. Heart sounded good though.
So, game plan right now is.....
Antibiotic for her pneumonia which he said will also help bind the proteins.
Purina NF food and Lactulose.    3 small meals with Lactulose and Amoxicillin twice a day.
He said if it is a liver shunt we should see some improvement by Thursday.   Follow up on the 13th.   IF liver shunt then we'll stop the Lactulose for a week or two then do bile acids tests to confirm. Total bill $69.40
A few days on her new meds and food and she is doing better.  She still has sight issues and runs into things but the crying and screaming are less frequent.
She's been doing pretty well the past couple days.  Starting to play with toys.  Her sight is still not right. She apparently sees shadows or large objects. Waving something small in front of her eyes - like a finger- we get no reaction.  She pushed things with her nose when she finds it.
Doing well but a having some problems with pooing.  Vet thinks it might be too much Lactulose so we are going to reduce the amount to see if that helps.  Poor little girl seems to be constantly going.  Hope this helps her.   Bile Acids test is scheduled for Tuesday the 13th.
3~9~12  Change of plans  her bile acids test will be Monday instead.  $98.00 for that. 
4~3~12   Bile acids after eating was 200 so the vet does suspect a liver shunt.  We have been calling around for prices.  Mollie has  been doing pretty well. She had two days that she was a little lethargic but her foster mom started her on a little higher dose of Lactulose for the day and she was back to her normal self.  She still has some problems with her vision but doing well for what she has going on.   We are hoping to get her into UT http://www.vet.utk.edu/clinical/sacs/shunt/faq.php
for further testing and surgery if that's what's needed.   
 4~15~12    Mollie had two seizures on Thursday.  Friday she was back to her old self playing like any puppy does.  Today she is not doing too well.  She's pretty lethargic and sleeping alot.  She was started back on antibiotics to help rid the bacteria that is building up in her little body and also increased her dose of Lactulose.  We hope she will be feeling a little better in the morning.   So far we haven't raised enough to pay for surgery and hoping and praying that we get enough donations before it's too late. 
4~18~12   Mollie was pretty quiet and lethargic yesterday.  Today she is crying on and off and has had two seizures.    She is having seizures more often now.  We're going to skip UT and probably take her to OSU once we get enough money in since it is closer for her foster home to drive.   We got an estimate of $2000-$3000 but we need to talk to someone else to see if they will give us a rescue discount or if we can work out some kind of payment plan.  Hopefully we'll get an answer tomorrow.
4~20~12    Mollie is scheduled for Monday the 23rd at 11:15 at OSU.  They are talking about doing surgery on Tuesday and hopefully no complications she will go back to her foster home on Wedneday.  The only discount they said they give is 10% off the initial exam.  50% down on Monday and the remained when we pick her up.  We still need your help to reach our goal.  Mollie needs this now.  Her health is deteriorating and if we wait any longer she will not survive.
4~25~12    Mollie went to see the vet at OSU on Monday.  Since she has been having seizures he said he would not suggest surgery right now.  He feared that she would be one that would have constant seizures right after surgery and what they would have to do was induce a coma until they passed.   So, he put her on Neomycin, Keppra - an anti-seizure medication that doesn't damage the liver, and Famotidine - that will prevent ulcers from all the medications.
They did an ultra sound and found a single, tortuous, large extrahepatic portocaval shunt.      The Keppra will start working within a few days unlike most anti-seizure medications, so she is scheduled for her liver shunt surgery on Tuesday, May 1st. She will have to stay a little longer than most patients because of her history of seizures. We were told she plans to be released that Friday.
We thank everyone for the donations so far. Without all of you this would not be possible.    We are still short $540 to cover the whole $3000 needed for her surgery and extended stay.
5~7~12   Mollie is back with her foster family after her surgery.  She is doing well so far.  No seizures since she has been on her new meds.  She's starting finally to be a little more active and vocal again when she wants attention.   She was spayed while she was at OSU so once healed, re-tested and given the ok she will be ready for a home of her own to spoil her rotten. Her bill was a little more than what we were quoted but she had to stay in ICU a little longer than what was expected.  Total cost for her so far is way over the $3000 we thought. 
Mollie is doing very well.  She's had one small seizure since her surgery but otherwise doing great.  She's pretty much a typical puppy exploring all sorts of new things she wasn't interested in before.   She'll have one more bile acids test in June to see how well her surgery went and hopefully someone out there will want her as their own. 
June29 We got the results from her follow up bile acids test and it was all within the nomal range !!!!  We are so happy for her.  She's ready for a permanent home of her own.  We are starting to wean her off of her anti seizure medication as well.  She was on the medication because she was having seizures due to her liver shunt.  Now that surgery was a  success she should not need it.
Application link to the left.  She's waiting for that someone special to spoil her even more now.




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