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Are you thinking about adding a dog to your family but not sure if you are ready for the commitment?  Is your lifestyle changing and you can't commit for a lifetime?    Have you been thinking about a certain breed but not sure it's the right one for you?   Well, our Foster to Adopt Program is the perfect solution.   Our program gives you the opportunity to have a pet live with you on a trial basis and save a dogs life at the same time.

About the Program

All of our rescued dogs are completely vetted before they go to foster/adoptive homes.  During their initial time with us we evaluate them so that we can help match family and pet. 

You must have an approved adoption/foster application which includes a home visit.     Maybe you don't see a dog you are interested in yet.  We suggest you still fill out the application and processing so that you are ready when that dog does come into our program.

When we place a dog in our Foster to Adopt Program we require payment of the adoption fee.  This payment is held until the end of the evaluation period.  You will have 2 weeks to determine if your dog is a good fit for your  home.   If you decide not to adopt, your payment will be returned but you will keep the dog to foster until other arrangements can be made.  We hope that you will continue to foster him/her until placed in a permanent home so that the dog does not have to go through the stress of moving to another foster home.

Available Dogs

Any dogs that are listed on the web site that says "Caretaker Needed" are eligible for our Program. 

Picking out our Dog

We will help you pick the dog that would best fit into your lifestyle.  Sometimes people go by looks but we go a little beyond that.  We look  at their temperment, habits, likes, dislikes, etc. 

Behavioral Problems

If you have any problems with your dog during the 2 week trial period, while you are fostering or after you have adopted, we will help you work with the dog to resolve them.  If at any time your dog is not getting along with household members including other pets we will remove him/her.


So, are you ready for the next step?  Have you discussed this with the other members of the household and everyone is in agreement?  Then, onto the adoption application.  Please indicate that you are interested in our Adopt to Foster Program






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