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Each of our rescued dogs are in private foster homes.  We do NOT have a physical shelter for the public to come look at them. 

   The first step in adopting is to make sure that you read the bio of the dog that you are interested in.  If there are questions that you have about a particular dog that is not listed in their bio please email info@wolfspiritsrescue.com   with them.  

  •   The next would be to fill out our online adoption application and answer a few questions to help us get to know you.  This also helps us help you find the perfect match for your family and lifestyle.  Please make sure that everyone in the home agrees before filling out the application.


  • After we receive your application, we will check references and will talk to your vets office, so this may take some time.  We are very concerned about placing our dogs in good, loving homes.  Our goal is 100% successful placements, with no returns, so we try very hard to get to know the adoptive families, both through our application form and through personal visits.   We also will make a home visit to inspect the home and yard to ensure the safety of the pet, and to meet your family.  The purpose of all this is to match the right dog with the right family, and ensure a good, permanent placement.  If there are any issues with the house or yard that we feel need to be addressed prior to placement, we will let you know what they are, give you some time to resolve them, and then do a re-inspection.


  • We communicate mostly via emails so please check yours often.


 If the dog you are interested in needs a fenced yard we will not make exceptions so please don't  apply if your yard is not completely and securely fenced.   We also do not approve of invisible fencing for our dogs nor tie outs

The purpose of this application is to learn a little about your family and home so that our rescue can make the best possible match for both you and our rescue dogs.  Filling out this application does not guarantee that we will place one of our dogs in your home.  Our main concern is placing our dogs in a compatible home with a family that will give them a LIFETIME commitment of love and proper care. 


We want this to work out well for both you and the dog and, because of that, we have been told we are too picky.  Sometimes we will not approve a particular placement.  This usually has to do with the animal and its specific needs; it is not a reflection on you or your family.  Some dogs and families are just not good fits and, if we feel this is this case, we will tell you.  

The bottom line is we want to find good homes for all our dogs, and to see that they never end up looking for a home again.  We have a lot of time, money and love invested in every one of our animals and we take their happiness seriously.

 By filling out this application, you are not bound to adopt one of our dogs, this application does not hold you to it.  Like we said before, it is just a way for us to get to know you better.   

If your application has been approved, you will have 7 days to make arrangements to pick up your new pet.  
 We can not hold them for an extended period of time.  This is not fair to them nor others that have filled out an application to sit and wait.

We do adopt out of state but expect the new family to either pick up their new pet at it's foster home or one of our volunteers homes.  We will not ship our rescues.

If this sounds like something you and your family are willing to accept, please fill out the application below.

Thank you for choosing a rescue dog.
You MUST be at least 21 years of age to adopt from us and have a secured income.


Adoption application

Incomplete applications will not be processed.  Please do not skip any questions. 
The information  provided on this application  is private and confidential between the applicant  and WolfSpirit's.

Thank you




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