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Daiquiri  OH
Daiquiri OH

Hello! Just thought I would share a couple pictures with you of Diamond on her spa day. Jackie, my daughter, wanted to get her nails done with me and she wanted to bring Diamond along. I know the people real well that do my nails and they didn't mind at all that we brought her. They brought her water and gave her lots of attention. Diamond got fixed last Thursday and her stitches were removed yesturday. She is doing really good. She had to spend the night after the surgery. I never seen her so happy to see me as I did when I picked her up the next day! I think she thought I was never coming back. She is such a quiet lil thing. She hardly ever barks. When she does bark we all know it must be something important. She is just a tad bit spoiled. She has a puppy stroller which actually comes in handy at my daughters sporting events. When she wants to take a nap we can put her in there and none of the other kids bother her. :) She also has lots of outfits to choose from. Her pink sweater is her favorite. It keeps her warm on the chilly mornings when she has to go outside. She is doing pretty good with going outside to potty. We have occasional accidents, but they are becoming less and less. Well, I wont keep you. Just wanted to check in and say hello. Hope all is well. ~Christy




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