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Hi Mom, It’s me, April. Thank you, Mom, for rescuing me and for keeping me all this time so I could find just the right home. Mom, I love it here in West Virginia. It was an awfully long car ride to get here, and my new Mom and Dad had to stop half way because I got thirsty, but we finally made it. My new Mommy put me down on the floor of my new house, and this black Toy Poodle named William ran up to me ecstatically wagging his tail and greeted me. He said things like, “Wow! You’re beautiful! My name is William. What’s yours?” He sniffed me all over and I sniffed his nose and in his ear. William offered to show me around so I wouldn’t be so afraid. Mom and Dad went out to a late dinner, and when they came back and offered me food I knew right where the bowl was. Mom and William went upstairs to bed and Dad and I stayed downstairs and listened to music. Dad fell asleep, so I got in my crate all by myself and went to sleep, too. I was vigilant, though, and every time Mom got up in the night I rushed out of my crate to see who was walking around. Then, the most awesome thing happened! At 4:30 my new Mommy came down and said, “The rest of us are up in the bed. Aren’t you lonely down here all by yourself?” Well, Mom, I didn’t answer her. She thought I probably was, though, so she picked me up and took me upstairs and put me in bed with her and William. I was really scared, but she petted me and went to sleep, so I just decided it was all right and I went to sleep, too. Sunday morning we got up and I went on the puppy pad just like you taught me. My new Mommy was so proud of me. Mom, I know what I want to be now that I am all grown up and I don’t have to make puppies any more. Mom, I want to be a lap dog! I spend a lot of time in my new Mommy’s lap. She pets me a lot and tells me how beautiful I am. She is really proud of me, Mom. She also admires me for surviving the puppy mill. She tells me no one will hurt me any more. Mom, you are an angel! Thank you again for rescuing me and being my foster Mom these last few months. I love you, Mom, and I will never forget you. Sincerely, April P. S. Mom, I am sending pictures of me in my new home. Also, Mom, I am sending a picture of Margaret. My new Mommy says it is because of Margaret that she adopted me. She said Margaret was the most wonderful dog in the world, and Mom, Margaret was a Schnauzer just like me!!

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